Cats always land on their feet: Finding mine

That’s right: I’m an official newbie of Weston Operatic Society and I have just received the role of Macavity in their autumn production of ‘Cats’.

I have grown up surrounded by WOS. My dance school was based at St Jude’s Hall where they rehearse and perform and, in addition, I have seen many of their productions. It was only a matter of time before I gave it a go myself.

Not one for taking the easy route, in the space of two weeks I auditioned for both the society and the upcoming production. Between the two, I attended a dance and a vocal prep ready for the audition process.

As you walk in, the atmosphere that this group of people create when together is electric, and that’s when they’re not performing! I was greeted by some familiar faces, and some new ones, all bubbly, friendly and willing to chat. I felt so at ease so quickly, something I simply was not expecting.

The whole experience had an air of professionalism about it; thorough auditions with set content, everyone performing the same pieces in a supported environment. This is a society not to be messed with. They are fully aware of the hard work in front of them and they aren’t afraid to execute it with passion and determination.

I am so pleased to be joining this society and hope I can reach the heights they have set and continue to push. If you’re like me and you’ve thought about joining for a while, all I can say is go for it. They have helped me to find my feet in their world.

Well, I am a cat now and cats always land on their feet.



Jasmine Griffiths appears as Macavity in ‘CATS’ – October at the Playhouse Theatre.